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No two organisations are the same. We understand that high quality and productivity are important to you. With our personal and inventive approach, we can come up with a sustainable tailor-made solution together. Experience the expertise and flexibility of our engineers for yourself. We provide input and help you overcome the problems you are struggling with. You can rest assured knowing that your machines will be fully operational and effective in no time at all.

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A tailor-made machine in four easy steps

  • After the initial introduction, our engineers will get to work on creating 3D designs that illustrate how the process and the machine work.
  • These designs are then presented to the company. After making any necessary changes, the designs form the basis for our offer.
  • Once our offer has been accepted, our engineers will finalise their design in great detail and manufacture or order the required components. How long this step takes depends largely on the size and complexity of the new machine.
  • Once it has been assembled, a final test is performed. After successfully completing this test, the machine is transported to the client. We transport our machines to destinations all over the world.

Our machines


The Easy-Plast, Multi-Plast and HP-machine are specially designed to automate the process of laminating books.

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We offer various types of buffer systems, each with its own function: the Stacker, De-Stacker and Quality Check.

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The Sorter is a flexible sorting machine that can be tailored to suit any production process.

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Plastificeer machine

Special machines

We offer a range of special machines, which were specifically designed to suit our clients’ needs. The machines can be tailored to suit your wishes.

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Can we help you?

Do you have a question? Our staff are happy to help. They will offer advice when needed and help you find the right machine for you.

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