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We offer various types of logistics solutions, each with its own function. While the Stacker can help you stack books, the De-Stacker can help you destack books. The Quality Check is an automatic verification system designed to help with quality assurance. What machine is right for your production process?

Stacker NBD TG


The Stacker can stack products, e.g. books, envelopes or boxes, with similar or different dimensions. This increases the buffer capacity of the transport system.

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DeStacker NBD TG


The De-Stacker is a machine designed to destack and transport books with different dimensions. The machine can process book blocks and soft- and hardcover books.

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Quality Check NBD TG

Quality Check

The Quality Check is an automatic verification system that is implemented in a production line for softcover books. The operator can manually inspect the books’ quality and place them back on the output side of the machine after inspection.

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